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Konstantin Papoutsidis (Keyboards, Piano)

Konstantin was born into a musical family of Church-Organ-Players and school music teachers. He started with playing the recorder in primary school and then continued with piano lessons. In secondary school his piano teacher Rosemarie Gutmann put the focus on improvisation. With his other teacher Dorota Beres he played "The Carneval of the animals" in the school-orchestra.

At university in Erlangen he joined the Gospelchoir "The Amazingers" which he accompagnied for several years. During this time he entered as well the former Progressive Rock Band "Static Thought". Beside the modern music he reactivated his love for the instrumental music of the Barock and the Renaissance - a love which led him straight towards his todays wife Susanne Papoutsidis, who is also an enthusiastic musician.

Currently he accompagnies the Gospelchoir "Singing Diffrent" and several childrens musicals in Erlangen-Bruck. He also plays keyboard in the Cover Band "Lazy Friends & Family". With the singer Petra Geier from Rostock he had founded the singer-songwriter duo "Harmolesque". Occasionally he also writes his own music for his project "animusmeus".

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