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Jenni Heron (Vocals)

Jenni is a Scottish singer from Edinburgh who has lived in Germany for quite a while now. She started singing as soon as she could talk and taught herself to read music and play the recorder when she was 5. At 8 she began with violin lessons and later on taught herself to play a bit of guitar and piano. At school she took part in the choir and at 16 had her first solo singing lessons. Soon after, she was asked to join an American Acting Group, Stage 13, where she performed in many straight plays and musicals, starting off with Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, through Hunyak in Chicago, and Ado Annie in Oklahoma, as well as many other roles.

In her early 20s Jenni started singing Scottish songs by bard Robert Burns and year by year her repertoire grew bigger. As well as singing in different bands, performing in musicals and straight plays both at university (where she studied English and Drama) and other smaller and larger groups, she ended up working as a singer and actress doing ‘Kulinartheater’ for almost 10 years at a restaurant in Nuremberg. As time went by, Jenni decided to try something different and gave up the Kulinartheater to have more time for her family. She carried on singing Scottish songs and also has frequently been booked for weddings, christenings and other special occasions. Now the time was ripe for her to finally make a CD, something that many people have been telling her to do for years now. She is very curious how things will carry on from here…to be continued…

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